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in February 2022 the club has donated excess funds of £500 to The Outward Bound Trust, please see their response below.




 Click on jerseys in the main menu to go to the shop.



A subtle change has been made to the Events Calendar block in the RH column of the website - it now shows past events . . . you can scroll back through the months and see events back to 1 September 2015.

The main detailed Event listings will continue to be just forward dates (events are archived 2 days after they occur)


Unless you have the club's website bookmarked in your browser (and you should!) typing in the complete  text is a bit long-winded so we have registered  for faster access.

Entering this address will take you straight to the main website - it's just a short-cut.


The Secretary has created a Facebook page for Heart of England Cycling Club - CLICK HERE   or on the icon