Join-iconThere are THREE types of Heart of England Cycling Club Membership - scroll down to complete an online application form (and see footnote about "Linked" members). 

From 1 January 2017 each category has a FIVE YEAR (to 31 December 2021) or ONE YEAR option 1 January - 31 December

NEW MEMBERS should use the form below

EXISTING MEMBERS will receive a separate notice and instructions to renew using their PaySubsOnline account.

1    With CTC AFFILIATE membership  (Membership No & Expiry date are required) - includes CTC(CUK) Third-party insurance.   You will need to join CTC(CUK) directly as an Affiliate member quoting the HoECC code 90088509 - BEFORE joining HoECC   CLICK HERE    for the CTC(CUK) Affiliate application (new window)

2    Membership for CTC(CUK)/British Cycling FULL members  (Membership No & Expiry date are required) - includes CTC Third-party insurance.

3    Membership without CTC(CUK)/BC membership  You have your own alternative Third-party liability insurance* at an equivalent or higher level than CTC(CUK/BC member insurance. The Membership Secretary may request confirmation of insurance cover. Members with the (preferred) FIVE YEAR membership undertake to maintain the required insurance cover for the duration of membership.

Memberships are only available to over 18s. 

Membership is managed online through the secure PaySubs Online service, with payment by Paypal (Paypal account, Debit or Credit cards)   Please read the Payment for membership page for more information about the process

NOTE: The online membership system offers a "linked member" option for couples etc.  That creates a "lead member" and "linked members" - if you join on a Lead + Linked basis only the Lead member will be registered for emails and renewals etc.   It may be preferable for couples to join as "single" members (that can be done in the same cart transaction with a single payment)   ALL members, lead and linked, will be registered for the Forum
* many household insurance policies have third-party liability cover - check with your insurance provider.  Membership of some cycling organisations, e.g. British Cycling, also includes appropriate cover.