NOTE: The online membership system offers a "linked member" option for couples etc.  That creates a "lead member" and "linked members" - if you join on a Lead + Linked basis only the Lead member will be registered for emails and renewals etc.   It may be preferable for couples to join as "single" members (that can be done in the same cart transaction with a single payment)   ALL members, lead and linked, will be registered for the Forum


We use a secure, external provider to process memberships and collect monies - it's efficient and saves us time (and the cost is negligible!)

The online form to complete is intuitive - with some mandatory fields.  When you reach the Payment part there are two "radio buttons" with options : 

- the second one is set as the default to "Pay by Card" which is a one-off payment (i.e. when your membership is due for renewal you will receive a notice and have to make a fresh payment)

- the first option "Pre-authorise future payments" - means that you can have a rolling renewal.  DO NOT TAKE THIS OPTION - just use the "Pay by Card" option to make a single payment

Payment can be made by debit or credit card or Paypal account (Paypal processes the debit/credit card payments - NOTE: when you are taken to Paypal (see below) the default is for a Paypal account payment, if paying wih a debit/credit card there is a separate option whereby Paypal processes the transaction without a Paypal account)

A few people have experienced difficulty in joining - we have thoroughly tested the system from time to time and the most likely causes are : incorrect Paypal/card details, or taking too long to complete the details.