The Forum has an option to upload photographs to display in your posts - it's a bit technical, but pretty simple if you follow the instructions. 

See the notes at the foot of this page about Microsoft's EDGE browser (the default in Windows 10)

There are two options:

1     Probably not for most users - IF you have your own webspace then read on - if NOT go straight to 2 below.
- an image that's stored in your own webspace/server (NOT the local PC) can be used by simply putting the complete URL path to the image between the [IMG] tags that the IMAGE button in the message compose section inserts in the body of the post - it will look like :   [img][/img]    Continue and SUBMIT the post. When your post is read the [IMG] tags will fetch the image from your webspace and display it in the post.
2     This is for all other instances - you will be storing your photograph on the website's server to display in your Forum post.
- upload an image from the website - there's an upload module on the RH side of this page and at the Forum/Forum notes page - browse on your PC for the picture, and upload following the instructions.  The image is then saved in a folder on the server call "images/forum"   If a file is already on the server with the same name the upload will fail .. just rename the file and upload again.
When composing your post click the IMAGE button in the toolbar with the cursor where you want the picture to appear - two [IMG] "tags" will be displayed.
You then have to insert the full address of the picture you have uploaded between the [IMG] tags - that will look like this :  - where, obviously, "image.jpg" is the name of the file you have uploaded.  Continue with your post and submit - when the post is displayed your image(s) will be in the text.
Note: The whole system is case-sensitive so must be in the format above - the filename can be anything but must be in the URL exactly as the filename -   .jpg, .gif or .png file types are allowed. 
Tip: when an upload is made the image's URL is displayed on the screen - copy and paste that to Notepad to save it and then copy and paste into your Forum post when you compose it.
... a fiddle BUT it does work! - give it a go with a test message in the Private area of the Forum!
Microsoft's EDGE browser in Windows 10 does not work for all features in the Forum (they used some non-standard code) - to insert a photograph using EDGE follow the instructions EXCEPT that instead of clicking the "Image" icon type in  [IMG][/IMG] and add your image address between the two tags.